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Who are we ?


Ethic Etapes CISL… Who are we ?



103 boulevard des Etats-Unis



Ethic Etapes CISL - registered as a non-profit organisation in accordance with the French 1901 law - is a social tourism association that aims at favouring young people and people with disabilities.

Our mission is to provide any group of French or foreign visitors to Lyon with short-term accommodation.  


In the Etats-Unis quarter for more than 54 years

  • 1962 - Louis Pradel, famous mayor of Lyon, inaugurates the largest Maison des jeunes et de la culture (French youth and culture centres, also known as M.J.C.) in Europe. It comprises the Foyer Lyonnais d’Accueil et de Promotion (F.L.A.P.), a centre providing board and lodging that hosts groups performing at the M.J.C. or those attending its shows.
  • 1980 - The F.L.A.P. is fully reorganised and renovated. It is also renamed and becomes the Centre International de Séjour de Lyon (International Housing Centre of Lyon, also known as C.I.S.L.). It is inaugurated by the mayor of Lyon, Francisque Collomb.
  • 1996 - Lyon gets ready to host the 1998 FIFA World Cup. Lyon's accommodation capacity of youth groups is too small. The project to renovate and enlarge the building is approved.
  • 1998 - The building is inaugurated by the mayor of Lyon, Raymond Barre, and hosts the first groups.
  • 2007 - The association is renamed and becomes Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon.


Who we host

In 2017 :

  • 38 %      Students (primary school, secondary school, high-school and higher education)
  • 29 %      Interns
  •   9 %      People with disabilities
  •   8 %      Athletes
  •   8 %      Tourism
  •   4 %      Culture
  •   4 %      Social

Who comes back

The teacher of a primary school in the Ardèche region told us that he had stayed with us during a trip organised by his 4th grade teacher 19 years ago!


Association Loi 1901 APE 5590Z

SIRET 779 922 202 00022

Agrément D.D.C.S. 69388001

Agrément Education Nationale 069-12001

Get to know us with Rhéa

Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon is a social tourism non profit association that aims at favouring young people and people with disabilities.

Our mission is to welcome French and foreign visitors and provide them with short-term accommodation.

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