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Sustainable development and Ecolabel

Ethic Etapes CISL … Sustainable development

A few years ago one of our colleagues started to talk to us about 'New Age' ideas..

He had some bizarre obsessive compulsions: he would dive into our paper bins and triumphantly take out some sheets of paper not dirty with our coffee plastic cups. He would then staple them together to make a small notebook and give it to us proudly saying: "Voilà, a pine tree has just been saved!". He suggested raising maggots in our beautiful lawn and setting up a bee housing project on the roof! We started to get worried when our 14 year-old intern wrote on his report: "M. D. and I emptied all the trash bins and we separated all the rubbish into different piles to know what was in it. It was awesome!".  

And then, little by little...we got the point and everyone got involved...not without pain. E.C. has already destroyed two printers by using recycled sheets of paper with staples!  


 The history of our commitment with sustainable development:

  • EUROPEAN ECOLABEL certification in April 2012 issued by AFNOR. Reference: FR/025/174
  • FAIR AND SUSTAINABLE certification issued by Lyon City Council in May 2012
  • Refuge LPO (french league for the protection of birds) since 2014 


Our actions:

  • Raising awareness among our guests about waste sorting and energy saving.
  • Participating in social and solidarity economy actions.
  • Training our staff.
  • Using renewable resources and environmentally-friendly products.
  • Promoting environmental education.

Get to know us with Rhéa

Ethic Etapes CISL Lyon is a social tourism non profit association that aims at favouring young people and people with disabilities.

Our mission is to welcome French and foreign visitors and provide them with short-term accommodation.

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