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Terms and conditions of booking and sales

Ethic Etapes – CISL (Centre International de Séjour de Lyon) is a non-profit association regulated by the 1901 Law.

To benefit from its services, all applicants must first join the Association.

Booking by payment of a deposit implies acceptance of the general terms and conditions of booking and sales as set out below.

Art. 1 - Application

  1. Group rates are applicable for groups of at least 10 people.
  2. The stays’ rates are those notified on the booking form.
  3. Half board is mandatory for groups. The number of meals must be equal to the number of nights. It is possible to have 2 meals on the same day.
  4. Any overtime is charged.
  5. The prices indicated are in euros, all taxes included.

Art. 2 - Booking, rules and regulations

Booking requests must be sent in writing (paper mail or e-mail or fax) and clearly mention the identity and contact details of the applicant.

  1. The C.I.S.L. team replies to the request by giving its agreement as a preliminary reservation.
  2. The booking becomes final upon receipt of the deposit corresponding to 30% of the stay costs and before the deadline appearing on the reservation file. Beyond this date, without receiving of the deposit, CIS Lyon will cancel the reservation with no reminder.
  3. The C.I.S.L. sends a booking confirmation and asks you to pay a down payment corresponding to 60% of the stay costs one month before the beginning of the stay.
  4. For a booking less than 30 days before the date of arrival, 90% of the stay fees are required before the beginning of the stay unless otherwise agreed by the C.I.S.L.
  5. The stay’s balance must be paid upon receipt of the invoice

Art. 3 - Payment methods


Crédit Coopératif Lyon Part Dieu – 94 avenue Felix Faure – CS 23731 – 69504 LYON cedex 03

IBAN : FR76 4255 9100 0008 0025 4152 728 BIC Code : CCOPFRPPXXX

Intra-community VAT : FR 33779922202

Any bank charges are at your expense.

Art. 4 - Hall rental

  1. The halls are dedicated for private meetings. Public meetings with notice by way of posters, press or Internet are prohibited.
  2. The C.I.S.L. reserves the right to modify a hall reservation by providing an equivalent hall.
  3. For soundproofing reasons, we do not allow music to be played.

Art. 5 - Room allocation

The C.I.S.L. cannot guarantee the grouping of single or multi-floor rooms for the same group.

Art. 6 - Cancellation

Any cancellation (total or partial) must be notified in writing (fax or e-mail or post mail).

Total cancellation over 30 days before the arrival date :
The deposit (30% of the stay costs) is kept and cannot be carried over to another stay.

Total cancellation less than 30 days before the arrival date :
The deposit and the down payment (90% of the stay costs) will be kept.

Partial cancellation between 30 days and 24 hours prior to the arrival date, reduction of the stay’s duration, reduction of the group’s number of participants or of the services provided :
• unoccupied beds charged at 80% of the rate
• unoccupied halls charged at 80% of the rate
• as of 10 canceled meals, we will charge 80% of the meal price.

Partial cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival :
• unoccupied beds charged at 100% of the rate
• unoccupied halls charged at 100% of the rate
• A margin of one canceled meal for every 10 paid meals is tolerated. Beyond that, we will charge 100% of the rate.

Early check-out :
Any started stay is due in its entirety.

Art. 7 - Relocation

In the event of absolute necessity or due to exceptional circumstances, the C.I.S.L. reserves the possibility of providing accommodation for the group’s members, or some of them, in a nearby hotel of equivalent quality without any change in rates.

Art. 8 - Insurances

The C.I.S.L. has signed a civil liability contract with “SHAM” under the number 90039291 to cover its adherents. This liability covers physical injuries within the limits of the general terms and conditions of the contract. The adherent will be held responsible for acts and damages caused by the group or one of the members of the group.

Art. 9 - Claims

The applicant may complain to the C.I.S.L. for non-performance or improper performance of the contract by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a period not exceeding 8 days after the end of the stay.

Art. 10 - Case of force majeure

The C.I.S.L. Management has the right to cancel the booking if events of force majeure or fortuitous circumstances require to do so (strike, fire, water damage, etc….)

Art. 11 - Jurisdictional clause

Any disagreement concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this contract shall fall within the sole jurisdiction of the court of the CISL’s place of location.

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